Renee & Peter

November 6th, 2009

Those of you who know anything about UK porn will know that Renee is no stranger to the world of skin flicks having starred in a number of them in the past few years and for as long as that Ive been harranging her to do Real Couples, but the unfortunate thing was either her boyfriend at the time was not interested in being filmed balls deep in his loved one or they didn’t go the distance in a relationship to get around to doing it. Then one day she finally got in touch and said she has a new boyfriend whom she has met and is new to the business but that this was the real thing (Yeah yeah. Ive heard that before) but what convinced me this was the real thing was the fact she got a tattoo of his name on the back of her neck!

amateur couples

I was sold instantly, thinking not only has she got a boyfriend but one she is serious about keeping so there I am filming these two frolicking around and having fun at Peters flat in East London like a couple of crazy kids on prom night and I find out they have only been together 10 weeks!!!! Well the clip that followed was no less real for it and maybe considered typical of people that do porn but I would like to remind you that porn stars do not grow on trees. They have emotions like anyone else and Renee and Pete are no exception to this. After all the decision to get a tattoo of ones initials on your body is not 1 to be taken lightly right?. If Renee did that for everyone she got involved with then she’d look like a rally car right?

Such is Renees acting capability I decided I wanted to do something a bit interesting as a preamble to the action by making a spoof advert. A rare contrivance for me that didn’t turn out how I expected but with a bit of tinkering in the editing it turned out as an
ok alternative to the porn introduction of the striptease as we still get to download Renee showing some skin by dressing down and dressing up in her hot underwear and presenting herself to Peter as a wrapped present in a red bow.

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Foxy & Jay

November 3rd, 2009

While I have no previous history with Foxy, I do know Jay a number of years and any aficionado of my brand of porn will view that he has been employed in various capacitys as a porn stud and he is a reliable 1 too which is why I had faith in today going without a hitch and indieed it did as they breezed with ease through their vid.Lots of eye contact. Check, Touching and feeling. Check. In fact it so horny for Jay was Foxy that she got him naked first and for a second I thought the CFNM (clothed female nude male) thing was a fetish of Jays but then given what she was wearing, red heels, red stockings, black skirt and white blouse made her look like a secretary that a pair of specs would’ve rounded her off nicely and indeed she proably was a secretary before her stint as a porn model with which you can listen to on the scene as how he fared in porn before just wanting to work exclusively with Jay alone. Hes not fussed either preferring to work wither too but the problem with couples who end up just doing scenes together, it ends up being rare that other producers actually put them together.

amateur couples

By the time she had Jays engorged member in her mouth, she was loving th epower she was feeling turning him on which Im sure she enjoed morewhen his toung was exploring itself between her legs and him adding to her soaking panties by adding his saliva to her dripping wet muff. By th etime Jay was in her you could hear her squelching with every thrust and I particularly enkoyed the way she locked her gaze on him as if I wa sno longer there.

Hey don’t mind me people. I’m only here to movie you fucking. Then thay got real creative with the positions as Jay towered over her sitting on the sofa as he fucked her mouth then she turned around to lick his ass hole as lovingly as an asshole can be licked while giving him the reach around with his backside in her face and tugging on his cock wanking him off. I don’t care what that was all about but it looked different and its definitely 1 for those who are looking for another position to the usual. Jay was loving it too the kinky bastard but then that’s what familiarity does. It makes people feel comfortable to express themselves sexually the way they want to.

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Bridie & James

October 31st, 2009

One of the things I like about shooting this series is that I get to meet new people all the time and occasionally visit a place I’ve never been before. Newcastle is one of those places. I opted to take the train there rather than drive and seeing that it was a dark dreary day, it soon brightened up for me on my arrival when bridie and James picked me up from the station and whisked me off to their home and after a cupof tea she was ready in a glowing pink fishnet body stocking!!!! Woo-haaaa!

amateur couples

This couple are what you would call highly attractive and hot for each other. U could view the fires burning within bridie that seemed to suggest that doing videos for strangers like me is part of their sexual adventure and whilst I was a little…just ickle bit worried about james silence I quickly worked out he was the kind of stud who didn’t speak unless he had something to say. Not to be confused with being shy or rude or anything. Not that he had anything to be timid about anyway, the stud was well fit given his physique and I believe he is a former cage fighter which probably added to the silent but violent type that he is. Ha ha…actually I found him a real nice bloke (he says backing off out the door)

I started filming them by the back door having a smoke, as they prefer not to smoke in the house. Bridie couldn’t be bothered to wait
for him to finish his cigarette before she was on her knees getting him prepped with a playful lick and a feel of his cock by the door before moving in to the lounge and removing her long ebony fluffy coat to revela her nude body under her shimmering pink body stocking..

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Katie & Ross

October 28th, 2009

So what u view is still as real as they come in that they are a real couple just going through the motions of sex. Normally I'd expect to see a couple waiting to get their groove on with flames of lust in their eyes waiting to show the world what they can do as an endorsment of their love for each other what I got was the kind of sex that made me wonder if they were going to last out the week. That's a terrible thing to say but what can I say? It looked like that to me. Worse still it took a lot longer to shoot and my patience was wearing thin. Why did I not just throw the towel in then?

amateur couples

Well the stud did get wood. They did have sex but didn't fuck so here you are people ,this is what real sex looks like on the opposite end of the spectrum. If this is how they do it in general then I cant see them both being very happy with each other. So if u are about to download this one because you are a voyeur and want to crack one out, then there is plenty better scenes on here but if you just like to view what real sex looks like when its not on full heat then this ones for you.

It kicks off quite awkward with a few pleasant smiles and again they may just have felt uncomfortable and unsure of what they thought I wanted veruss what htey should have done and the preamble was non existent leading to an unsure fumble, lack of eye contact tells u there is no chemistry then she moved into suck his cock and he licked her muff before a couple rubs on his semi limp penis later it was hard enough to put into her vagina as he shunted back and forth, she managed a whimper…Okay this is sounding a lot worse than it actually is because when I sat there editing it, it didn't seem as bad as I remembered it and I was half thinking I should just bin this shoot but something in my head said no, wait a minute. If people ever wanted to know what my worst shoot on Real Couples is then at least I have something for them to refer to.

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Cate Harrington & Scott

October 25th, 2009

I still remember getting their email wanting to appaear on Real Couples and the rather nice pics they sent of themselves cuddling and doing things of an intimate nature. Being a typical stud I couldn't help but notice what magnificent boobies she had too and upon meeting them on the day at the hotel in South Mimms over drinks at the bar, I told Scott that and he was happy as Larry about it….Well he would be wouldn't he? She is his girlfriend. To date I have worked with this couple a few times already including a home made film so it goes without saying this particular scene is them at their newest and I'm sure I detected a certain shyness about Cate which is a bit of a contradiction when you think she is sitting there stark nude being interviewed smoking cigarettes having just finished a rather sexy mov showing their kinky side.

amateur couples

I think we only filmed it in a hotel because they were already in London that weekend fresh from another shoot. In fact, its fair to say Cate and Scott are part of the new generation of young couples who are embracing a career in porn. Its certainly different to when I first started out at least and seems to be indicative of things to ocme with couples of their generation as Scott put it: They do it at home so to do it in front of someone paying to video them seems a logical and easy step for them. So easy that is, that they casually got inot it smoking cigarettes as Cate administered a blow job on him between puffs, p[assign the cigarette back and forth to each other before getting stuck in to each other with fanny lickings and blowjobs as Scott finger fucked her on the bed with his man meat in her mouth.

Now proper rock solid he fucked her where she lay then did her doggy style before she squatted down on him bouncing up and down on his cock like it was a Space Hopper then back in doggy again Scott pounded into her so hard you could her his balls smaking her arse with every thrust and Cate was loving it to the point she was screaming at him not to stop as he was hitting the right spot as her body tensed with a wave of orgasm then relaxed.

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